Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services Johannesburg

Bookkeeping Services Johannesburg

We strongly believe in providing excellent service at an affordable price. We are uncompromising on providing excellent up to date service and advice.

Staff members are continually coached on the importance of high level of service. In order to achieve this high level of service we only source the most competent methodical and high calibre staff. Staff must have a passion for numbers without passion combined with being methodical it is difficult for an individual to be a good accountant and provide an excellent service to our clients. We spend a lot of our energies sourcing and training the best individuals to achieve our quest to provide a comprehensive peace of mind service.

We are able to determine a fixed monthly, bi monthly bookkeeping fee, after we have determined the volume and complicities of the bookkeeping services required.

Depending on the complicities of the bookkeeping required we assign a dedicated skilled supervisor and a bookkeeper to perform the bookkeeping service. We are very flexible on what service and the regularity of the service to provide. It is totally dependent on clients’ needs.

  • Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and bi-annually comprehensive bookkeeping service.
  • Completion of statutory returns including VAT, PAYE, WCA, SDL, UIF
  • Management reports on a regular basis on the management accounts of the entity


Included in the bookkeeping function we are able to assist with the registration, completion and submission of all VAT, PAYE, WC returns timeously .We hate penalties and interest raised by authorities for late submission of returns and we do not tolerate late submissions.

Should SARS wish documentation to be made available we attend to these queries timeously.

Total client peace of mind is of paramount importance to us. Our clients must feel comfortable that we are addressing all queries and issues diligently and with perseverance.