Tax Services

Tax Services Johannesburg

We realise how important taxation and efficient administration thereof is to our clients. Without a well- oiled taxation department we would be doing an injustice to our clients who rely and expect that their tax affairs are properly handled. We strive to give our clients a total peace of mind comprehensive taxation service.

We have invested heavily in employing the best high calibre staff who is passionate over taxation.

We have also invested hugely in computer software which enables us to manage our clients’ tax affairs efficiently.

All the taxation staff is highly experienced and attend seminars, courses and contually read literature in order to remain current with changes in legislation and SARS practices.

All staff are registered tax Practitioners’ and go the extra mile whenever possible.

We have a zero tax penalty and interest policy and adhere to our policy with diligence.

We offer comprehensive tax services which includes but is not limited to:

Personal Tax Return

  • Personal tax return submitted timeously
  • Taxation queries and objections attended to diligently and with persistence until resolved
  • We are able to offer advice on structuring of individual remuneration to best take advantage of available allowances and concessions
  • Registration of new tax payers
  • Obtaining tax directives
  • Obtaining clearances
  • We offer a comprehensive tax consultation service.
  • Provisional tax calculation
  • Calculation of capital gains tax payable
  • Advice on retirement funds and taxation and other benefits of this type of investments.

Company Tax Return

  • Company tax return submitted correctly and timeously.
  • Any taxation queries and objections attended to diligently and with persistence until resolved.
  • We offer a comprehensive company tax consulting service.
  • Provisional tax determined and discussed with client. We strive for zero penalties and interest